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  • Partner with Burn Units to provide "Boxes of Love" care packages to burn survivors and their families.

  • Alleviate some of the financial stress that often accompanies a burn injury by providing financial assistance for various needs including but not limited to the following: specialized burn garments, transportation assistance, wound care supplies, support for burn camps.

  • Provide safe spaces for burn survivors to meet and create connections within the burn survivor community, so burn survivors can connect and support each other while navigating their own personal recovery journeys. These BRAVE survivors benefit from forming long-lasting bonds and the warmth of a community. It is important to feel supported and cared for during the recovery process and aftermath. In this BRAVE Program, we celebrate burn survivor birthday’s and or burnversaries by sending a card and gift as funding permits. *Burned *Resilient *Amazing *Victorious *Empowered

  • Provide burn survivors and their families with inspirational cards. We believe one kind word can have a positive impact in a persons life.

To apply for assistance please click here.

We also encourage burn survivors to join our
"Burn Survivors United" Facebook Group
for peer support by clicking here.

Interested in being a part of the BRAVE Program?
Submit an application here.

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