Our Founder's Story

Our founder Andrea Pitts, is a burn survivor herself. At the mere age of 18 months, she suffered first, second, and third degree burns, over 30-35% of her body. She truly has a firsthand testimony to the long and painful process of recovery and perseverance.


One morning Andrea was watching her mom cook some beans in the kitchen.  Her mom had to step away from the stove for a brief moment. Like any other inquisitive child Andrea wanted to mimic her mother. In that instant she quickly reached for the ladle to stir the contents of the pot and accidentally poured hot water and beans onto her very small body.


As a result of this, Andrea spent several weeks in the hospital recovering and had to undergo surgery. Andrea's parent did not have adequate insurance coverage and were not prepared for the financial burden of Andrea’s medical bills. Because of this, the hospital made the decision to deny any further medical services to Andrea, even though a great need still existed.


Andrea’s father however was adamant that she continue to receive the needed treatment, no matter what financial barriers tried to stand in their way. With all of his persistence and her mom’s support and prayers, the hospital facility allowed Andrea to continue her stay and receive the care she deserved. Another unforeseen blessing was the financial support from the Shriner’s of Nashville. They graciously covered a large percentage of Andrea’s medical expenses and the hospital wrote off a substantial percent of her expenses.


After being discharged, Andrea endured a tough road of recovery, comprised of countless hours of physical and occupational therapy. As well, she had to wear compression garments for approximately two years. Despite Andrea’s situation, the nursing/therapy staff was amazed at how happy Andrea remained. Her smile and attitude became contagious so much so that it impacted the staff and other patients in the recovery unit.


Her parents, Craig and Jacqueline, played a critical role in her recovery journey. They made sure she had the best care possible, spent countless hours changing wound dressings and making sure she was bathed properly after such an injury. They prayed continuously and showered her with as much love as they could possibly give.


With the great blessings recounted here and the prayers of loved ones and strangers alike, our founder has grown into an exceptional woman of God, who tirelessly gives back to the community. She sees this mission as her call, her purpose, and her divine assignment.


With this passion, Scars Uncovered was founded. Andrea felt compelled to find a way to give back to the burn community. She wanted to be a channel for God to provide blessings just as she received at such a critical point in her life. Andrea continues to grow, and despite what many would consider a hindrance, Andrea uses her story to witness to others about God’s goodness and healing power.

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Scars Uncovered, LLC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible.


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