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To give comfort and support to burn survivors and their families by providing resources that ease the burdens that often come with the tragedy of a burn injury.


To impact the lives of burn survivors by fostering an atmosphere of hope and promoting healing.


We will serve our clients with INTEGRITY by acknowledging when we can help, not overpromising on what we can deliver, and living each day as if we’re walking in their shoes, keeping burn survivors and their families at the center of our organization. 


We make a COMMITMENT TO THE SUCCESS of burn survivors to help them achieve their own definition of success post-burn incident. We can help them achieve this financially, emotionally, or by simply letting them know they are not alone through our many programs and services.


Burn incidents do not discriminate and neither do we. Valuing and encouraging DIVERSITY and having a diverse set of programs can only help survivors from all walks of life grow stronger together.


We acknowledge that one burn survivor may experience their healing journey in a different way than others, just as some family members may do the same when confronting tragedy. We honor each of our survivors and their family members’ INDIVIDUALITY and will personalize our services for them as they navigate life post-burn incident. 


The healthcare arena after a burn incident can be difficult to manage. Our CUSTOMER SERVICE will help burn survivors and their families navigate this new territory by answering questions, providing them with connections and resources or simply sitting and listening to their stories.


Sustaining injuries you cannot control is a terrifying thing. No one asks to be a burn survivor, but allowing them to focus on their own HEALING by removing other worries that might plague their families throughout their journey can EMPOWER them to adjust to this change.


We aim to build a COMMUNITY of burn survivors where they can seek support in safe spaces. Burn injuries can be isolating, people can be judgmental, and we want to help prevent anyone from feeling alone at this vulnerable time in their lives.


We will accomplish all of these values through TEAMWORK. We continue to develop partnerships with other groups and individuals who focus on assisting burn survivors in our service areas and across the country in order to create a connected network of support for patients to access throughout their healing journey.

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